A Law Enforcement and Urban planning firm specializing in
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Carter & Carter Associates (C&C) is a nationally recognized law enforcement and planning firm specializing in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  Located in the Greater Atlanta Area, and serving throughout the U.S., (Ret.) Police Captain Stanley L. Carter, ICACP and Sherry Plaster Carter, ICACP provide a full range of CPTED services which include Training and Technical Assistance; Site or Area-Wide Assessments; Plan, Policy or Program Development; Community CPTED Implementation; Research and Development; Media Production; Conference and Training Events; and Expert Testimony.

Working Together for Everyone's Safety

Creating or recreating safe, healthy and vibrant places require a combination of public and private resources that are best brought together through multi-disciplined training and other collaborative processes. The Carters emphasize the use  of commonly held and science-based CPTED strategies, as well as the use of local resources, to create realistic strategies and ensure long lasting, measurable results.

The Carter's Community CPTED and School CPTED agendas are compatible with and overlaps those for Active Living by Design, Community Policing, Livable Communities, New Urbanism, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Safe Routes to School, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, Smart Growth, SafeScape, Youth Violence Prevention and others.

Located in the Greater Atlanta Area – Serving Across America

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